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At Future Home Owners Company, we specialize in Real Estate Investments and help families improve monthly CASH FLOW and create WEALTH. We will help you build your real estate empire one property at a time. 


We are real estate investment experts and believe everyone should have the opportunity to create wealth through Real Estate investing.  We invest time and energy and continue momentum to follow through.

We build solid relationships with our clients for lasting success. 

Our fundamental principles for purchasing income properties.

  1. Stay away from high priced areas to keep costs low.

  2. Go out of town to area's that have good rent prices. The more profitable rental properties are in the outskirt of the city (smaller city). Because the price points are lower on the property but the rental rate is fairly high. 

  3. Look for a property that needs its full potential. You want the least/worst house on the desirable neighbourhood. Do your research by checking out the neighbourhood for school, public transportation, hospitals, etc. Make sure you know where you are investing.

  4. How much rent will I collect?

  5. A good area brings good tenants.

  6. How much will it cost to build an income suite / or turn the house into multi-family property.

  7. Do the math! What is your return on investment? (ROI)

  8. How much time will you need to invest?

  9. Be aware of your operating costs (Mortgage, Property Tax, Insurance, Repairs, etc.)

  10. Ensure your rental property has positive cash flow. Each property should generally bring in around 120% of your total costs.

  11. Purchase a property that needs work. If property is already renovated, you would not have any room to appreciate the value of the home or add/force any equity into the property.

  12. Look for a home that you can easily add a secondary suite. Try to reduce the need to submit a minor variance, check zoning, 

  13. We believe in high quality rental property attracts high quality tenants. 

  14. Once you have the property the key is to start the conversion right away/immediately. Time is money! You want to avoid carrying cost for too long. Get plans approved before closing day. You should start your demolition on closing day. Get your contractors lined up before the project. 

  15. You will have a rental property you can bank on!


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Looking for a worry free investment? We can partner with you in your investments. With our knowledge in rentals, you can't go wrong. Sit back while we take care of the tenant and collect rent.



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